Exterior Painting

Transform your home's exterior when you use professional painting services:

  • Home's exterior is pressure washed three days to a week before the job's start date
  • Remove any loose or peeling paint
  • Protect the landscaping from debris with drop clothes
  • Collection of all and any paint chips
  • Scrape and sand any needed areas
  • Light carpentry performed upon request
  • Caulking is placed along gaps in the trim and body to help keep moisture out.
  • Primer is then applied to either the entire home or any bare wood areas depending on what was agreed upon
  • Exterior of house is then painted with a brush and/or roller or is sprayed
  • At the end of each work day, ladders and any other equipment are all stacked and packed away to keep the job site neat and clean at all times
  • At the job's completion, we will do a “walk around” to ensure the job was done correctly and that the job site is clean of any debris. We then ask the customer to complete a “customer comment card”